Spiced Damson: No self respecting cheese board should be without this all year round but also perfectly spiced for Christmas.

Mixed Tomato and Ginger: Great with just about anything you might want to put chutney with.

Spicy Courgette: A chutney with a little crunch and a touch of chilli which is fantastic with cheese or casseroles.

Rhubarb and Clementine: Delicious with ham or cold chicken. Also goes fantastically with left over turkey at Christmas (or anytime of year).

Apple, Apricot and Cranberry: A little bit of warmth to spice up sausages and burgers. Great for summer BBQ’s as well as with cheese.

Pear, Orange and Ginger: A great match for venison or feathered game, especially duck.

Farmor's apple Chutney: A Swedish recipe which compliments most cold meats or add to shepherd's pie or bobotie instead of mango chutney

Fresh Apricot: Perfect with pates and with very ripe soft cheese, such as Mont d’Or.

Hot Seville orange and apricot: Perfect with a good cheese or chicken and turkey!! 

Smokey Tomatillo Chutney  A subtle blend of tomatillos and apples with the addition of smokey chillies which give it the unique smokey flavour but without the heat of normal chillies

Autumn Chutney  A great combination of apples, pears and plums

Jams and Marmalade:

Seville Orange Marmalade: A traditional bitter marmalade. 

Whiskey and Ginger Marmalade: A bit of warmth on your toast

Three Fruit Marmalade: A delicious blend of red grapefruit, seville oranges and lemons.  Not as bitter as Seville Orange Marmalade

'Red' Marmalade: Made with red grapefruit, blood oranges, lemons and some seville oranges

Quince Jelly: A soft set jelly to add to your cheese board or add to gravies or casseroles

Crab Apple Jelly: Gently spiced and perfect with roast pork or vegetarian sausages

Rosehip and Apple Jelly: Just delicious

Apple and Rosemary Jelly: Perfect with roast lamb or use as a glaze on apple or apricot tart.

Seasonal Products

Christmas cakes - anything from 6" - 12" round or square: Rich dark cakes bursting with fruit and plenty of brandy. Nut free.

Christmas puddings - various sizes: Wonderfully decadent pudding with lots of fruit and alcohol. Excellent with Cointreau or Brandy butter.

Whisky Mincemeat: An apple mincemeat which is steeped in whisky. Use to make amazing mince pies. 

Simnel cakes - various sizes: Traditional Easter fruit cake with a layer of marzipan in the middle. 

Ginger and Citrus Fruit Cakes: A lighter summer version of a Christmas cake. Packed with dried fruit and plenty of ginger. Enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee or anything really.

N.B. Please note that as we try to use local produce our range depends on the what is available and in season and therefore the products may vary slightly season to season.