About Us

At present the range is fairly small but we are constantly testing new products and adding them to the line, if we get the thumbs up from our tasters! Whilst chutney is a great way of preserving a bit of summer sunshine for the winter months, it is not something that should just be kept to the darker days of the year, for example our Damson Chutney and Wild Plum Chutney are two that no cheeseboard should be without at any time of year.  Particularly good with blue cheese or great cheddars, it has also been known to accompany the odd toasted sandwich on its way down.

Although, if you wish for something a little bit hotter with your toastie, the Apple, Apricot and Cranberry could be the one for you.
  This little number is, nevertheless, quite happy to accompany hams and cold meats of various kinds.  Some people have been known just to have the chutney – with possibly a piece of bread or a rice cake?!

If it’s duck or venison that takes your fancy then Pear, Orange and Ginger could well be what you’re looking for, and if your summer lunches are feeling a little repetitive then it would add a little something new. Whilst the Rhubarb and Clementine is perfect with your Christmas ham, it is also light enough to add some zing to your summer barbecue, as is Farmor's Apple.

Our two varieties of Chilli Jam, 'Normal' and Red Hot, have been very popular and can be eaten with anything from fish to cheese. The Red Hot Chilli Jam in particular is great for livening up a sauce. 

Plum and lime is perfect with your homemade curry - the lime giving it just that hint of something a little different. 

For those who would like something really special for the food table, we have developed a Fresh Apricot Chutney which is the perfect blend of sweet and sour and sets off soft cheeses and pate perfectly.

Then there is the good old fashioned marmalade - made with seville oranges and cut thickly - so it is beautifully sweet but bitter.

This year we have also been trying our hand at savoury jellies - Spiced Crab Apple and Hedgerow so far  - fantastic with your Sunday roast or midweek supper.  If nothing else the colours have to be seen to be believed.